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End of Dental Impressions?

We are often told that you wish there was another way to take impressions of your teeth. Well...there is! Let us introduce our intra-oral scanning device.

We love progressive technology, especially when it makes our treatments more predictable and more comfortable for you. We have been using digital scanning technology all year to overcome the issues with traditional impressions. The Trios scanner is essentially a small, precise camera that takes hundreds of photos of your teeth and stitches these together to form a 3D model.

Trios scanner

We can capture a digital record of your teeth to monitor changes over time and, should anything happen to your teeth, we can then repair you back to your original position.

We can use these digital files to plan all types of treatment from individual crowns to designing smiles or implant treatments. We always strive to invest in technology that not only improves our clinical results but your comfort as well.