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Dental Implants at Circus Dental

Dental Implants at Circus Dental

Our focus at Circus Dental is to preserve natural teeth wherever possible, however in some circumstances this is not always possible. Dental implants can be used in a variety of ways to replace missing teeth.

Dental implants can be used to replace an individual tooth, sections of missing teeth or an entire upper or lower arch of teeth. Dental implants are a biomechanical replacement for natural teeth. They work by a process known as osseointegration whereby the bone growth cells are able to attach to the surface of a dental implant and secure it to the jaw.

Implants can be suitable for many patients with varying needs and of different ages. If a tooth or teeth are already missing or are unable to be restored, dental implants can provide a predictable fixed, or removable solution. No two patients needs are the same and individualised treatment plans are formulated for every case.

We provide many different options for dental implant treatment from individual tooth replacement to entire upper and lower jaw rehabilitation. We also offer the ability to rebuild missing bone and soft tissues to achieve optimal cosmetic and functional outcomes and place implants in situations where these tissues may have been previously compromised.

The Straumann® Dental Implant System

We work with many different implant manufacturers but we recommend the Straumann® Dental Implant System. With their quality control, longevity, high-quality research, depth of choice for implant-based dentistry and their highly respected worldwide reputation and guarantees, we feel that they reflect our own values and key requirements.

Straumann® has been manufacturing dental implants for over 40 years and is at the forefront of dental research. We use only their highest quality SLActive implants with surfaces specially treated to promote effective and long-lasting bone growth.

Geistlich Biomaterials

We are proud to use Geistlich Biomaterials for bone or soft tissue regeneration. They are world-renowned for their quality and predictability and have been associated with orthopedic and dental sectors since the 1940s. We are keen to embrace new materials and techniques but only once we are sure they will improve the outcomes for our patients.

The Circus Dental Implant Dentists

Circus Dental have four clinicians that place, restore and maintain dental implants. Between them they have over 40 years of experience with dental implants.

Tim Harris, Daniel Beevers and Colin McGuirk have all undertaken a four year Masters degree in Dental Implantology from the University of Bristol. They all achieved a distinction grade for their studies. Dan Beevers has been placing and restoring dental implants at Circus Dental for over 10 years. Tim Harris and Colin Mcguirk have worked together for 10 years in a practice focused on dental implants.

Dominic Sinson is a UK registered Specialist in Periodontics and holds a Master's degree in periodontics from Kings College University.

At Circus Dental we have a team approach to dental care. With our combined skill set of registered specialists, clinicians with postgraduate master degrees and a support network of therapists and treatment coordinators, we are able to offer a multidisciplinary approach to dental care. We work together as a team in the initial planning stages and throughout the treatment process in order to provide the best clinician for each stage of care.

  • Tim Harris - Dental Implants and Oral Surgery

    Tim Harris

    Dental Implants and Oral Surgery

    Tim Harris - Dental Implants and Oral Surgery

    Tim Harris

    Dental Implants and Oral Surgery

    Tim's practice has been focused on providing dental implants for the last decade. He has a skillset that ranges from replacing the single tooth to offering surgery including bone grafting and soft tissue procedures to rehabilitate full arches. He enjoys treating nervous and anxious patients and is qualified to offer sedation. He completed his MSc in Dental Implantology in 2012 and is currently a fellow of The International Team of Implantology (ITI).

    Away from clinic, Tim is involved in postgraduate dental education with The ITI, Health Education England and Bristol University where he holds a teaching position within the Oral Surgery Department.

    Tim welcomes referrals for all aspects of implant dentistry and oral surgery.

    BDS (Bristol) MFDS RCS (Eng) MSc (Dental Implantology) GDC No: 80551

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  • Colin McGuirk - Tooth Wear, Dental Implants and Aesthetic Dentistry

    Colin McGuirk

    Tooth Wear, Dental Implants and Aesthetic Dentistry

    Colin McGuirk - Tooth Wear, Dental Implants and Aesthetic Dentistry

    Colin McGuirk

    Tooth Wear, Dental Implants and Aesthetic Dentistry

    Colin's practice is focused on Restorative Dentistry and Implantology. This includes a particular interest in managing tooth wear and providing minimally-invasive aesthetic (cosmetic) dentistry.

    Colin has a Masters in Clinical Dentistry from Kings College, London in fixed and removable prosthodontics and an MSc in Implantology from Bristol University. Additionally, Colin has traveled extensively to learn from the best clinicians in the world including the world-renowned Kois Centre in Seattle. This extensive training enables Colin to provide some of the most contemporary, evidence-based dentistry in his field with a focus on harmonising the longevity and the aesthetics of restorations he provides.

    Like his colleagues, Colin maintains a very active teaching profile. He is a clinical teacher on the Masters Program in Prosthodontics at King's College, London, he is an educator on the Foundation Dentist Scheme in the south-west, teaches for Health Education England and lectures nationally and internationally, particularly in the middle-east, on his beloved subject of tooth wear and prosthodontics.

    BDS (Newcastle) MSc (Dental Implantology) MClinDent (Fixed and removable prosthodontics) GDC No: 85953

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  • Dan Beevers - Restorative Dentistry, Dental Implants and Oral Surgery

    Dan Beevers

    Restorative Dentistry, Dental Implants and Oral Surgery

    Dan Beevers - Restorative Dentistry, Dental Implants and Oral Surgery

    Dan Beevers

    Restorative Dentistry, Dental Implants and Oral Surgery

    Dan has been caring for patients at Circus Dental for over 15 years having joined the practice in 2006.

    He has an empathetic approach to patient care for all aspects of restorative dentistry. He has a particular focus of interest in Dental Implants and Oral Surgery. He obtained an MSc with distinction in Implantology in 2012 and has a wide experience in this field being able to reconstruct hard and soft tissues where teeth have to be lost or are missing. Dan is delighted to accept referrals for implant related treatment.

    Dan held a clinical lecturing position at Bristol University based in the Oral Surgery Department at Bristol Dental Hospital for 13 years and now concentrates his educational efforts in post graduate teaching. Dan is an active member of the International Team of Implantology and has had the pleasure of training Europe-wide in his field.

    BDS (Bristol) MSc (Dental Implantology) GDC No: 83430

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  • Dominic Sinson - Periodontics

    Dominic Sinson


    Dominic Sinson - Periodontics

    Dominic Sinson


    Dominic is a GDC registered specialist periodontist. He takes referrals for all patients suffering from periodontitis (gum disease) and is experienced in treating the disease with non-surgical, surgical and regenerative therapies. Dominic has an interest in improving patients smiles with cosmetic gum contouring and soft tissue grafting, providing dental implants and managing implant disease.

    Dominic is passionate about periodontics which is shown in his approach to achieving the best care for his patients and his involvement in teaching on the undergraduate program at Kings College London and to qualified dentists within the UK.

    BDS(Hons, Cardiff) MFDS RCS(Ed) MClinDent(Perio) MPerio RCS(Ed) - Specialist Periodontist GDC No: 194463

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Dental Implant Teaching

All of the team here are heavily involved in further education relating to dental implantology. They provide international teaching and mentoring for dental implant related treatments. Tim Harris and Colin McGuirk are involved in teaching on the University of Bristol Implant MSc programme and have done so for over 6 years. Colin McGuirk also has a Master’s Degree in Prosthodontics from Kings College London and is now involved in delivering training to postgraduate students in this field.

All are members of the prestigious International Team of Implantology (ITI) while Tim Harris is a registered ITI fellow.

Dental Implant Patient Process

Patients are able to access our services by self-referral via email or by telephone: 01225 426163. One of our reception team will help you find the most appropriate clinician for your dental needs.

We also accept referrals from other dental practices via our secure online referral portal, by letter or by telephone. We will always keep your dentist informed of your treatment as it progresses. On completion of your treatment we will discharge you back to your dentist for your routine care and will arrange a maintenance programme in order to maintain the warranty and review the long term health of your dental implants.

The first visit with us is used to assess your individual expectations and needs. This will involve a consultation, normally 1 hour in duration, during which we would assess your current situation and discuss your treatment options, discussing any alternative solutions that may be suitable. At this stage we would also take digital records of your mouth to allow us to accurately diagnose and develop the most suitable plan to meet your dental needs.

Following our initial consultation we will prepare a report of our findings with a full estimate of timings and costs for your treatment. We will discuss our proposed plans with you in an options meeting alongside one of our treatment coordinators. The treatment coordinator acts as your personal liaison within the practice throughout your treatment and works clinically with us to provide a continuity of care approach throughout.

After careful discussion and agreement on your planned treatment we are able to book you in for placement of your dental implants.

Placement of dental implants is treated as a minor surgical procedure. We complete all procedures under local anaesthesia and with sedation if preferred. The placement of dental implants and any augmentation is totally pain-free and any post-operative discomfort is managed with anti-inflammatory and analgesic medications that we provide.

We review all cases within 7-14 days of placement and then await the osseointegration process which is on average between 2-3 months.

Following successful osseointegration the construction of the final crowns, bridges or dentures can begin with digital scans or impressions. Each prosthesis is designed by our skilled Straumann® accredited technicians and is bespoke to every case.

The number of appointments can range from five upwards dependent on the complexity of the treatment. Time frames range from three to twelve months.

The cost of implant treatment varies depending on the complexity. Customised estimates are always provided in advance for any treatment.

As an example; placement of a dental implant crown to replace a missing tooth including the final prosthesis starts from £3300. We offer a 7-year guarantee on all dental implant work against mechanical failure.

To ensure the longevity of any dental implant treatment we advise regular visits to a dental hygienist and reviews with ourselves to ensure your dental implants are performing correctly. This allows us to maintain our warranty on your dental implant treatment.

How Will the Implant Look?

The real skill in dental implant treatment is giving the most lifelike appearance possible. Dental implants can be made to look just like natural teeth and there is nothing more satisfying than when a patient can not tell which of their teeth is the implant!

The placement of dental implants is a painless process. We provide the treatment under local anaesthetic. In some cases, patients would prefer the additional benefit of some sedation. Following the procedure we would normally expect some swelling for a few days and on occasions some bruising. This is often associated with low-level discomfort easily controlled by over the counter analgesia which we provide.

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We hope you've found this article useful to outline many of the common questions we hear about dental implants. Natrually, the process is bespoke for your mouth, your needs and wishes and we would be delighted to meet you to discuss through your situation in person.

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