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An Interview With: 
Invisalign Patient

An Interview With:
Invisalign Patient

Invisalign treatment for teeth straightening is one of our most popular treatments. We spoke to a patient who has recently gone through the treatment process in order to get their perspective and to answer some frequently asked questions.

How did you hear about Circus Dental
and are you a regular patient or were you referred?

I was originally referred by a family friend who recommended Circus Dental to me. From there I did my own research, got in touch and booked the introductory sessions which led me to go forward with the Invisalign treatment.

What made you decide to get teeth straightening treatment?

Simply because I have never really liked the structure of my teeth. However, I must add that the confidence I had in Circus Dental and my dentist Michael Hutchings from the first appointments we had, was a significant part in me finally choosing to go ahead.

How did you hear about Invisalign?

I had heard about Invisalign years ago when someone I was working with mentioned he had them, I was immediately interested but took a few years to find the right dentist/practice before I did it myself!

What made you choose Invisalign over other straightening treatment options, what other options did you consider?

I had previously considered ‘clear braces’ where they put the traditional wired braces on, for the same time as metal braces but clear. For me, Invisalign was the best option by far. Invisalign was more attractive in terms of timeline to complete treatment, not having to have a permanent metal brace with the removable aligners and I had more trust in Invisalign being able to deliver the results I wanted.

Why did you choose to use Circus Dental for the Invisalign treatment?

Multiple reasons, right from the first call they made me feel welcome. Once I came into the appointments I was particularly impressed with how friendly, helpful and knowledgeable Michael Hutchings and the team were. Additionally, the facilities on offer are great, particularly the ability to scan my teeth and see the potential final outcome before I had started was a big selling point.

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Could you explain the Invisalign treatment process to us, from when you first enquired about your treatment options to now?

  1. First enquired via phone call
  2. Original appointment, including general check-up of teeth and conversations around Invisalign and other potential options
  3. Separate hygiene appointments and I had a filling pre-treatment
  4. Scans taken of my teeth and visual graphics shown for treatment
  5. Aligners made and fitted
  6. Monthly catch up to check progress and pick up new aligners as you go through the treatment.

Did the initial scans and visualisations help you understand how your teeth would look at the end of the treatment?

This was so helpful – for me, this gave me the confidence to see what I was ‘paying for’ and the end goal. It made me 100% sure this was the right treatment for me.

How did you find the treatment affected your daily life?

Very seamless, although you have daily tasks such as taking them out before eating / drinking (you can only drink water with the aligners in) and cleaning them, the aligners become second nature very quickly. At the start of each aligner, it will feel tight for a short period of time as they are new, but with the speed of the results that I have seen, this was very much a compromise worth taking.

Did you understand the process and how it was all working?

Yes, this is down to the well thought out and in-depth pre conversations I had with Michael Hutchings. Additionally, when you can visually see the teeth moving each week, it is a great indicator of how well it is going!

Is there any other treatment required after the initial period with the Invisalign aligners?

Teeth Whitening after the initial period and then you will need a retainer going forwards to ensure the good work stays long-term!

Could you tell us if the cost of your Invisalign treatment was good value for money?

For me, the work that has been done is priceless. As someone who didn’t like the structure of their teeth previously, you can’t put a price on the work that has been done and the results. However, it seems even better when the cost of the whole treatment was very similar than the other treatments I have considered, but 100x more effective and better value.

Would you recommend Invisalign as a treatment option to others?

Absolutely, for anyone who wants an option to straighten their teeth that requires the least interference and disruption with their overall life and appearance as possible, combined with the ability to get fantastic results, in a relatively short space of time – Invisalign is an incredible option!

Our Invisalign Accredited Dentist

  • Michael Hutchings - General Dentistry, Oral Surgery and Tooth Alignment

    Michael Hutchings

    General Dentistry, Oral Surgery and Tooth Alignment

    Michael Hutchings - General Dentistry, Oral Surgery and Tooth Alignment

    Michael Hutchings

    General Dentistry, Oral Surgery and Tooth Alignment

    Mike is one of our general dentists at Circus Dental having joined us in 2019.

    Mike comes with a broad experience in several fields within dentistry. He has worked in The UK and spent time working in New Zealand in general practice. He has also worked as a Specialty Dentist on the Restorative department at Bristol Dental Hospital and most recently within the Oral Surgery department as well.

    Mike's focus is on delivering comprehensive care to enhance long-term outcomes. He is an accredited provider for Invisalign which offers our patients the option to align teeth using clear braces which is often more predictable and more comfortable than other braces.

    BDS (Bristol) GDC No: 244097

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